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TakeAscreen Bundle: Elevate Your Visual Content Creation! 🚀

Capture, annotate, and collaborate like never before with TakeAscreen's powerful tools!

Introducing TakeAscreen Bundle 🛍️:

With our powerful tools, you can effortlessly capture, annotate, and collaborate like never before.

Bundle includes:

  • 📸 Take WOW 🤩 Screenshots Like a Pro! 🚀
  • 🎥 TakeAscreen Video Recording!
  • 🚀 Up to 10 Invited Team Members with TakeAscreen Team

📸 Take WOW 🤩 Screenshots Like a Pro! 🚀

Are you ready to elevate your screenshot game to new heights?
With TakeAscreen, you can effortlessly capture beautiful screenshots right from your browser.


Beautiful Screenshots: Tell Your Story!

With our award-winning screenshots, you can take your game to the next level. It's never been easier to capture visually stunning screenshots that convey your message and tell your story effectively.


🚀 How It Works in 3 Simple   Steps:

Discover the effortless process of creating stunning screenshots with TakeAscreen. In just three simple steps, you can transform your visuals and share them with the world. Here's how it works:

1️⃣ : Capture Effortlessly

TakeAscreen makes it easy to capture beautiful screenshots directly from your browser. Install our addon and start capturing in seconds!

2️⃣ : Enhance with Style

Unleash your creativity with our 2D/3D mockups and effects. Choose from a variety of stunning templates to enhance your screenshots and make them truly stand out.

3️⃣ : Share and Shine

Once you've captured and customized your screenshots, it's time to share your visual masterpieces with the world. Share them on social media, your website, or collaborate with your team seamlessly.


Unleash the Power of TakeAscreen:

Capture from Your Browser:


Install our convenient add-on and instantly capture snapshots directly from your browser. We support Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, ensuring compatibility with your favorite browser.

2D/3D Mockups:


Stand out from the crowd with our cutting-edge effects. Our Mockup templates empower you to create captivating 2D/3D effects for your screenshots, taking your visuals to a whole new level.



Highlight key features by adding text, emojis, blur, arrows, and more to your screenshots. Make your message crystal clear and leave a lasting impression.

Drag & Drop:


Seamlessly arrange elements with our intuitive drag and drop functionality. Custom Background Gradient: Personalize your screenshots by adding custom background gradients that match your brand or style.

📷  Explore Our Stunning Screenshot Gallery! 🌟

See the Power of TakeAscreen in Action with These Captivating Examples:

Elevate Your Content with TakeAscreen's Video Recording Upgrade! 🚀

Upgrade now and unleash your creativity with Video Recording by TakeAscreen:

  • 📹 Unlimited recordings anytime, anywhere.
  • ⏱️ Record without limits on video length.
  • 💡 Annotate while recording to emphasize your message.
  • ✂️ Edit videos with Cut, Text, and Shape features.
  • 📥 Download in MP4, WEBM, or GIF formats.
  • 📷 Integrate your camera for a personal touch.

TakeAscreen Team Upgrade To Elevate Your Team's Online Collaboration! 🚀

Prepare to revolutionize your team's productivity with TakeAscreen Team!

Exclusive Opportunity: Upgrade to TakeAscreen Team for a One-Time Fee and Supercharge Your Team's Productivity Today!

  • 🚀 TakeAscreen Team Ultimate
  • 🚀 Up to 10 Invited Team Members
  • 🚀 Centralized Team Management
  • 🚀 Priority Email & Chat Support
  • 🚀 Instant Access to Upcoming Features and Enhancements

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Flexible, Simple Plans

Check out our flexible, simple and transparent plans below. Designed to fit companies of any size.


TakeAscreen Bundle

Unlimited recordings & screenshots
*Get Full Access.

  • Screenshot:
  • Unlimited screenshots
  • All annotation tools
  • Video Recording:
  • Unlimited recordings
  • Unlimited recording length
  • Download in MP4/WEBM/GIF
  • Use annotation tools while recording
  • Edit video with Cut, Text, Shape...
  • Add Up to 10 members

One-Time Fee

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TakeAscreen Bundle
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